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From: Bob Janes (
Date: 05/16/00

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Ana Neves wrote:

> There usually is nobody in an organization telling people how to behave,
>how to feel the organization's spirit, how to pursue the organization's
>vision. However, we want them to know it.

I beg to differ. In my experience there are many, many people in an
organisation who 'tell' people many of these. And they are learned just as
children learn by watching what others do, hearing the stories that are
told and making sense of the organisation as they experience it.

The problem arises, if there is one, in that the reality of what they
learn is rarely the same as 'we' would like it to be and as we 'tell'
through our presentations and strategies.

The competence to learn is almost always there and often very highly
tuned. It just doesn't relate to the ethereal world of management speak.

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