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From: KiWiDressler (KiWiDressler@t-online.de)
Date: 05/21/00

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Jan wrote in reply to At:

> > One thing which we never should forget, is that every complex system
> > will
> > always have a slowest internal becoming which will determine the rate of
> > its "typical becoming". Since the "digesting information" is not the
> > slowest rate any more in human learning because the cross induction by
> > "moving information" has been uplifted, we will have to seek the new
> > limiting becoming within the human.
> We do not have to remember this, we cannot forget: it is as natural a
> process as water not only seeking the lowest level but also through the
> path of the least action.

Dear Jan,

experience show that we can very well forget natural processes.

Isn't this, what the fifth discipline, system thinking, is about? The
natural processes of a systemic structure will take care of you, you don't
HAVE to remember or discover or uncover it. One important element in a
systemic structure is the constraint, the limiting factor. A well known
(?) sentence of the theory of constraints (TOC) is: If you don't manage
the constraint, the constraint will manage you.

I love paradoxes, so I may put it this way: One can only too easily forget
what cannot be forgotten.

>From your posts I think that you know how easy it is to forget about
natural processes. While the systems dynamic unfold, people blame each
other if it were someones explicit fault - or crown heros, depending on
the dynamic. Those like you who address and effectively influence the
basic systemic structure are often not even recognised.

Also, any technology is based on utilizing some natural processes, which
we don't have to remember, but of which to gain knowledge is the core of
much of todays education.

This seems so evident to me, that I am afraid I have misunderstood your
remark. May be you can add a few sentences of what you had in mind.

Liebe Gruesse,


(Yes, it's me. I have a private e-mail now as well.)


KiWiDressler@t-online.de (KiWiDressler)

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