LO: learning or teaching list? LO24652

From: Winfried Dressler (winfried.dressler@voith.de)
Date: 05/22/00

Replying to LO24637 --

>In other words, is the best possible teacher not the person self acting within a
>Learning Organisation as the "ecological niche"?

Dear At,

for the sake of otherness, wholeness and sureness, one person alone should
not try to act as an "ecological niche". The first thing which such a
person should do, when s/he feels that it is time to germinate and grow
the idea of Learning Organization is to find those other people in the
organization with access to the same container of meaning, those to whom
creating a Learning Organization also matters. Finding those others is a
matter of chemistry and good smell. The experience is that of
synchronicity. If you cannot find those others, or if you are not found by
them, you can be sure, that you or the situation is not yet mature enough.
Trying to force the development at that time would be equal to an
ego-trip, cut off from the common container of meaning. This would do more
harm than any good.

For each single person I am convinced that it is possible to survive for a
long time like a seed in frozen soil or dry sand.

What does such a seed do? Authentic learning? Yes, somehow, but
paradoxically at an entropy production rate of nearly if not equal to
zero. It is preparatory time, dreaming rather than digesting, listening
and whispering into the darklight void for any calling rather than

LO: learning or teaching list? May be neither nor, may be a listening and
whispering list. Isn't it there, this calm and tender 'wake up, Winfried',
which is so distinct, nearly opposed to the usual 'be realistic,

>Two final questions. What will happen to the person when all the
>organisations in which such self-teaching Personal Mastery can happen,
>stop functioning implicately as LOs? What will happen in a country when
>most of its LOs (perhaps none of them ever even explicated) stop

Why try to imagine hell? So regarding the first question: What will happen
to that person depends on whether s/he is able to trust in god, stick to
hes vision, be realistic about current reality and find those two or three
others with which s/he can share hes life. S/he can do so independent of
what happens to the country, although what happens to the country may not
be independent of whether s/he succeeds.

Liebe Gruesse,



"Winfried Dressler" <winfried.dressler@voith.de>

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