Resistance to Change LO24654

From: Winfried Dressler (
Date: 05/22/00

Replying to LO24640 --

>People don't resist change as such, they resist doing what they think is

I have formed the belief, that not all suggested changes will improve my
situation. But I guess this is not a belief in your sense, it is a certain
expectation which makes me cautious.

Often it is not difficult to see how the change would improve the
situation for the inventor. Fortunately, I did not form the belief, that I
will lose whenever someone is going to win. This one would need to be

I see resistance to proposed changes as follows:
 - I don't see the improvement
 - I see negative side effects (Yes, but...)
 - I see obstacles on the route of implementing the improvement (Other
type of Yes but...)

This is not 'resistance to change' in my eyes, but constructive criticism.
Very valuable.

Liebe Gruesse,


P.S.: Morty, I really enjoyed reading your book!


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