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Date: 05/25/00

Replying to LO24670 --

Dear Learners,

These words resonated within me. Here is my resonation for what it is worth.

>Metaphor, as a figure of speech, is not the truth itself, rather, it helps
>to *show* the truth, literally, *carry the truth across* the figure of

Maybe this scholarly (?) attempt at METAphrasing is really just PARAphrasing?
Metaphor IS (more) figure of speech not (so much;-) "AS" figure of speech.
It is FITTING then in my limited case that metaphor I TOOK to mean,
" n (italicized) Figure of speech in which name or descriptive term is
transferred to an object to which it is not properly applicable (e.g. a
glaring error)."

I do not see where "TRUTH" enters, whether as an object, sign or symbol.
Source Oxford Dictionary OID. 1974 Edition.
O.I.D. Oxford Illustrated Dictionary.

Publishers Note to the First Edition. " It has become clear that there was a
demand for a dictionary which would combine the ESSENTIAL features - a work
which would deal not only with words and phrases, but also the things for
which these words and phrases stand." Mmmm.

"STAND", does he mean literally or metaphorically, maybe both/and?

" TRUTH" "n (italicized) Quality, state, of being true, loyalty, honesty,
accuracy, integrity, etc., WHAT is true, true statement or account, true
belief or doctrine, reality, fact." Ibid.

Here are some more NAMES for the pot of scholarly understanding of
metaphor's application.
Cooperrider et al,
Space saver device < Big chunk of people at the Santa Fe Institute ;-)

I think I recognise an 'expert' when I read one.

I think John Locke (1632 - 1704) was as big an 'expert' as anyone on
matters of metaphor, truth and metaphorical truth ;-)(italicized) and
paraphrasical truth ;-)(italicized) and some time ago before I wrestled
with things here of one sort or another I wrote down Locke's thoughts upon
product and process, since it seemed connected for me with the capturing
of knowledge and essence both/and. It also seems to lend a certain current
illumination to a lot of what is concerning people here. Someone will tell
me if I am wrong?

"All things that exist, besides their author, are liable to change;
especially those things we are aquainted with, and have ranked into bands,
under distinct names or ensigns. Thus that which was grass today is
tomorrow flesh of sheep; and within a few days after, becomes a part of
man; in all which, and the like changes, 'tis evident their 'real essence'
i.e. that constitution whereon the properties of these several things
depended, is destroyed and perishes with them. But essences, being taken
for ideas, established in the mind, with names annexed to them, they are
supposed to remain steadily the same, whatever mutations the particular
substances are liable to... By this means the essence of a species
rests safe and entire, without the existence of so much as one individual
of that kind."

Nietzsche was nobody's fool when it comes to words, he was the youngest
ever professor of philology at any European university. He wrote, "
Knowing is nothing but working with one's favourite metaphors, What then
is truth. A movable host of metaphors, metonymies, and anthropomorphism's.
Truths are illusions, which we have forgotten are illusions; they are
metaphors that have become worn out and have been drained of sensuous
force. The drive toward the formation of metaphors is the fundamental
human drive, which one cannot for a single instant dispense within
thought, for one would thereby dispense with man himself."

I learned more about learning, humanity, caring, professionalism, praxis,
getting the job done and just plain living in the company of a father and
his heroin addicted son last week than I do in a week of reading at this
list. But still I make the time and space equal for both. WHY?

Because I hope one day to read from this place as a WHOLE and think it a
FIT place for that proto tiny LO to learn something that might 'serve
them' as food for better if not best life.

Sometimes I read between the lines, my reading is sometimes more, better
wider deeper than another reading and everything that might flow from
that. Well here is a message, from me to you...¦GET REAL.

Many seem to me to be very 'choosy' in what is looked at and have searched
for; it appears to me as if many were searching for something they as "I"
alone;-( and are going to 'make a lot' out of - I will not say what - that
is for you to fill in - while your dreams (sic) are dying in the reality
out there. What part of you is dying while that other part of the whole is
dying behind your metaphorical back?

There is more collective wisdom for me, as I find my authenticity this
morning...¦ to be found in the next five lines than in all this month's
postings collected together. But will you choose to turn your back on the
fundamental truth as well?

More than the chatty
Black crow that kisses
And tells,
I dislike the white egret
Who is mostly beak.

Shikatsube no Magao

I will try and spend my 'this' day somewhere between serving the needs of
the heroin addict and the wants of his father, attempting to 'love' both
equally in compassioned thoughts that their suffering is not absolute but
relative and in that way they bear mine more than I am able to bear

Just for the re-cord...¦and please, no unpleasant side swipes private or
otherwise ;-( this Unlearning lark ;-)
"Un" as a prefix has another meaning possibly left (italicised)<>(Mmmm)
unconsidered in the consideration of the topic recently - so that as well as
signifying 'reversibility and contradiction' is also means "Non" so that
"Un-learning" as a 'whole' meaning includes, whether some like the 'fit' or
not ;-) non-learning. But in this latter case the use applies in more cases
to adjectives, esp. participles, adverbs and nouns. Metaphorically I see a
flag rise, on one side is inscribed 'rote learning (unlearning as non
learning)' and on the other is written 'authentic learning (learning as

Well now, just a silly little addition to the sums going on and on and on
in that fascinating thread... Yawn;-( Ah, a gentle gust doth blow!!!!




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