Resistance to Change LO24696

Date: 05/28/00

Replying to LO24678 --


WIIFM stands for "what's in it for me?"

Actually, I was invited to join a team of IT consultants after they had
contracted for this project. They obviously did a poor job of contracting
because none of this was know until after I had completed my assessment
related to this change and other's that had previously occured.

At this point, I am making a decision as to wthether to withdraw as it is
no longer meeting my ethical standards for the work I choose to do. I
just used the example because so many of the responses were immediately
assuming that change was "good" and that people just needed to be helped
to see that. In my experience - almost 15 years in this field - many of
the changes I have seen are definitely not beneficial for the employees -
just the leadership or the organization. This RAH RAH rhetoric about
change is not usually the reality.



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