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From: CHUKAMYJAS@aol.com
Date: 05/28/00

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Greetings all,

I have been a lurker as of late.. but could not resist emerging on the
topic of "Unlearning" since this has been my number one mission as of
late. Paradoxically, to LEARN, (with my definition as growing toward the
strange attractor of truth/God) one must first practice UNLEARNING. If
you then define this unlearning as the polar opposite of my learning
definition, you begin to see that regression is involved.. but not in the
classical sense. Allow me to elaborate a bit..

If you examine the very nature of thought itself, one begins to see
thought as a complex system comprised of hierarchical "building blocks"
following the same path as the archetype of evolution itself. Although
our thoughts seem to be quite arbitrary on the surface, they are in
essence "the tip of the iceberg" to a complex pyramid of language,
culture, beliefs, mental models and habits. With the lower building
blocks formed early in childhood, one moves up the pyramid over time to
more recent "events" that form our daily sensory input.

The positive for species survival with this emergent process is that the
lower building blocks are essentially programmed into us, allowing higher
overall species wide fitness... Man continues.. he lives on. The
negative is that this "preprogramming," if allowed to stay submerged
beneath conscious awareness, limits our "Jump" to a much higher fitness
peak. The challenge then is to begin rebuilding the building blocks of
the pyramid. As can be imagined, this can be a very painful and unnatural

To change these building blocks, we are attempting to shatter the very
lens that acts as a filter to protect our subconscious from incongruence.
We think we see the world as it is.. but in actuality see it only through
our preconditioned lens. We see what we want to see.. To reinforce the
mental models in place.. to support our foundational beliefs about "how
the world works". The other complicating factor, is that the whole system
is very nonlinear and constantly reshuffling and unfolding. So how can
one destroy the blocks without fear of destroying the self? (Notice how
FEAR begins to enter the picture..)

The first step I believe is to understand the SELF. Through self
awareness and meditation, one begins to see that the SELF is untouchable
and indestructible. Once we see this and believe this in our heart, fear
disappears.. you become fearless! Once fear is dropped, we begin to
traverse down the pyramid with faith that our world will not end. Fear no
longer is there to feed the lie of self destruction. This is what the
mystics have been crying for years.. Drop FEAR and truth will appear.

In the absence of fear, one can begin to freely rebuild the lower level
building blocks. These blocks were formed early in life when fear for
survival was preprogrammed for high species wide fitness. In essence, we
learn to rewrite the code while occupying a higher awareness or what I
call "evolutionary maturity level." With evolution pulling us from
physical (Body) >> to Social (Heart) >> to Intellectual (Mind) >> to
Spiritual (Soul)
 we jump in and reenter the process at a much higher building block level.
Although this process may take many cycles, some have seen very rapid
growth from this "increasing returns" archetype.

Many of the new building blocks resemble an "enlightened" approach, often
echoing the themes of unconditional love, abundance, wholeness,
timelessness.. Many of what Abraham Maslow referred to as the "Being
Values". Ultimately however, we find that our current reality of the
world and society tend to bring us back to earth. We realize that we
actually CO-evolve with our environment and can only advance so far ahead.
The "good man" is limited by the "bad society" and visa versa.

Ultimately, our progress is limited by our thoughts and language, since
culture and beliefs of how the world works are so woven into this "word
fabric." A new language must be born (like the new science of
complexity)? to allow us to THINK in new ways.

To change the world, we must change the very nature of our thoughts. We
must go against the flow to rewrite the lower building blocks... we must
unlearn. This takes self understanding and faith. We must become "like
children" as it says in the scriptures, so that we see things anew..
without classification into an "old track." We must have faith. Faith
that if we drop our fear, the world will not end. We must realize just
how wonderful we really are..
Something to ponder,

Chuck Wallace



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