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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 05/31/00

Replying to LO24699 --

Dear Organlearners,

Peter Hubbard <> writes:

>After 3 years reading (and occasionally contributing to) this list,
>I have been got at!
>Wholeness - non specific but involving everything; emotional
>pictures that make my soul ring with the harmonies of inner truth!

Greetings Peter,

Let us make the Michael Faraday stance: Sing with laughter and dance with

>At de Lang and Andrew have hit it right on the head, and I will be
>the first to join them in the tree.

There are trees all around us. We see them, but we do not look at them for
should we do that, we will cry because they become cut down rather than
pruned occasionally.

With care and best wishes


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