Sementing relationships LO24725

Date: 05/31/00

Dear Learners,

As promised, I have slightly expanded my learning into the cementation of
linguistic relations concerning semeiotics and added a little whimsy at
front and end, like as sugar to a pill.

" He struggled to keep the parcel of himself from becoming unwrapped and
Leon Edel of Henry Thoreau

Semeiology, Semeiotics (-mi-) semi - ns. Study of signs or sign language;
(med.) study of symptoms of disease. Semeio tic, semi - adj.

Seme (se ma) adj. (her.)
Sprinkled, strewn, covered with small bearings of indefinite number (e.g.
stars, fleurs-de-lis) arranged over field.

Semi- prefix. Half-, partly-, to some extent; partial(ly), imperfect(ly).

Semen n. Seed, esp. of flowering plants; etc.

Semanteme n. Element of a language that expresses or denotes an image or
idea. (singular)

Until we learn to die we do not learn to live.


Thinking outside current facts and paradigms of immunology Francisco
Varela co-authoring with the Dalai Lama (Sleeping, Dreaming and Dying)
beautifully expresses the value of connecting and reconnecting to 'a
larger system' illustrated in this case by AIDS. The virus is seen as
'-the human system as a self eating itself up from within.' Powerful
symbolism at work. ' HIV triggers a deregulation which them amplifies
itself, hunting for a vaccine is them pointless.' Compare inner to outer
system looking for patterns that connect. Looking at drug addicts as a
social disease (Varela) '-We can see social autoimmune systems dynamics
at work, disconnected they destroy, eating from the edges into the heart
of communities. With enough compassion and care reintegration can bring,
support, jobs, self-esteem, interdependence recreating networks.'

" How sweet I roam'd from field to field.
And tasted all the summer's pride." Blake

Bet no clever brainless 'search engine' can find that in some dusty and
useless cyber cupboard of frozen knowledge;-)


Andrew Campbell

PS. In some eastern traditions the moment of highest procreative love is
called 'the small death', when the other day I typed the word 'grave' I
accidentally typed the word 'grace' but for reason of textual
factualisation I altered it back to 'grave'.


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