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Date: 07/04/00


I'm a doctoral student in industrial/organizational psychology at the
University of North Texas. A small group of us are concurrently designing
and taking a class intended to be the capstone course for the program.
The purpose of the course is to integrate the learnings from the I/O
program while emphasizing a business perspective that will enhance the
student's potential for success in the "real" world.

Part of the intent of the class is to learn from those in the "real"
world working to improve organizations. If you are willing to give us
your feedback, please answer the following questions below, and return to
me at or

Thanks for your participation!
Cheryl Harris

1. What is your current job and your background (we are interested in
comparing perspectives of those with different jobs and backgrounds)?

2. How do you, as a person working to improve organizations,
STRATEGICALLY apply your profession to organizations? How did you learn
how to do this (any advice for how others can learn how to do it)?

3. Please tell me about an example of your working strategically that
you felt was very effective. What happened? What made it work so

4. How do you guide decision makers in what change should occur and how
it should happen? How do you influence strategic decision makers? How
did you learn how to do this (any advice for how others can learn how to
do it)?

5. What metaphors have you found useful in working with organizations?



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