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From: Richard Karash (Richard@karash.com)
Date: 07/04/00

Replying to LO25017 --

On Mon, 3 Jul 2000, AM de Lange wrote:
>Gavin Ritz wrote
> >Remember the formula is the tension between: the hoped-for
> >ideals, desires and our feared disadvantages, losses and dreads.

> You say that the tension is a product of our "feared disadvantages" and
> our "hoped for advantages".
> What you are saying means for me that tension is the PRODUCT between
> NEGATIVE outcomes and POSITIVE outcomes. As such the product between
> something negative and something positive of the same kind has a negative
> value itself.

> I say that creative tensions are specifically entropic forces, namely the
> DIFFERENCE (rather than the product) between two values of a quality of
> creativity (intensive outcome). As such the tension as a difference will
> never be only negative.

Hello At --

Gavin said "tension between..."

What did you see in Gavin's expression that makes you think he is seeing
"tension" in the sense of multiplication of signed quantities? And not as
the difference between them?

I have trouble thinking that the "tension" between two big negatives would
produce an immensely positive force.

And, just to check... You say, "tension as difference will never be only
negative." I assume you mean that the tension between two different
outcomes will always be a force in the direction of one or the other, the
amount of force proportional to the difference. Am I understanding you

  -=- Rick


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