How to Make Training Work LO25056

Date: 07/09/00

Replying to LO25001 --

Fellow Learners,

I agree with many on this list with the notion of training as only a small
part of the personal growth and cultural change objective. I too have
witnessed countless programs that come in with a bang but are totally
forgotten within a year since so many other factors remained unchanged.

The most effective "Training" that I have seen had the following

- Was part of a larger purpose (Shared goal)
- Included a paradigm shift (New mental model)
- Included a majority of the entire site (Momentum)
- Had upper management as champions/facilitators (Walk the talk)
- Learning was emergent and collective (Emergence and team learning/holistic)
- Was spread out over time to allow different rates of "buy-in" (For Real)
- Showed collective benefits (win-win and system thinking)
- Demonstrated what new behaviors looked like (show me)
- Was incorporated into the culture and daily work processes

So my view of "Training" is that which is done to actually precipitate a
whole new way of thinking and acting. One which is a sustainable stable
domain and aids in personal mastery.

take care,
Chuck Wallace
Valero Refining


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