"The Language War" by Robin Tolmach Lakoff LO25071

From: Peter Fullerton (peterxyz@ozemail.com.au)
Date: 07/14/00

Replying to LO25067 --

Speaking of marked and unmarked - who posted this?

Peter Fullerton

At 01:27 PM 12/07/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Something timely for the group to look at. Lakoff's a good linguist who's
>done a lot of work in the sociology of language.

[Host's Note: I believe it was posted by John Zavicki,
systhinc@email.msn.com -- Generally, our practice is to sign msgs with
name and email address; I didn't catch the omission on that msg. ..Rick]


Peter Fullerton <peterxyz@ozemail.com.au>

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