Jethro Tull LO25075

Date: 07/17/00

Dear Learners,

I suppose there are a few people who might have read something I wrote
last year somewhat confusedly as to sitting in this LO's purpose. Indeed,
much can be learned in confusion. I am informed by some leading
educationalists that confusion is the ground of all learning... I am not
clever enough by half to pass judgement. And sometimes I write of the
symbol of the plough. The plough carries special interior meaning for me,
an owned archetype. So what? you ask. Indeed, so what? I ask too. Well, if
I got on my bicycle and pedalled for twenty minutes, four miles or so I
would come upon a little place called Crowmarsh. Crowmarsh is nestled into
Wallingford and Wallingford is nestled into the fields surrounding North
Moreton and in these fields nestled a man caled Jethro Tull who once sat
in some small cottage and single handedly 'invented' the 'agricultural
revolution' that gave substructural providence to the 'industrial
revolution' which gives substructural providence to the 'information
revolution'. This from the seed-drill and a horse drawn hoe. Mmmm.

Unnoticed until we notice;-)

At, One to Many mapping is an ancient art in my fields.

Best wishes,

Andrew Campbell


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