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Date: 07/19/00

Four all-new Guest Perspectives have just been added to the 22 Keys Online
Community. One of them focuses on organizational diagnostics. It's not
exactly light, Harry Potter kind of reading -- but it's essential info for
managers, change agents, and anyone else who wants to create a more
meaningful workplace.

Other Guest Perspectives cover workplace coaching, stress management, and
business integrity. See below for detailed descriptions.

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-----Guest Perspective descriptions----->

On Your Mark, Get Set, Diagnose!
   by Nathan Strong
In this world of faster and faster companies, the bias
for action is getting stronger. If anything, well-meaning
change agents and managers spring into action too quickly
when performance problems arise. These lightening-fast
interventions can cause new problems while obscuring the
way to real solutions. Nathan Strong calls on us to slow
down and do a thoughtful, thorough diagnosis. His
organizational performance assessment model is an
excellent tool, and it can help you become a great
organizational diagnostician -- as long as you're willing
to take the time.

The Four Qualities of Work Team Coaching
   by Steve Herbelin
Coaching is dramatically different from telling.
Coaching is working with people in a way that induces
change through their own will rather than obedience to
someone else. Great coaches always know that there is
untapped potential in people, and they create the
conditions that allow it to surface. So what qualities
are essential? Coaching expert Steve Herbelin has four
important answers: competence, personality, empathy,
and integrity.

Practicing Safe Stress at Work
   by Gail Howerton, MA, CLP
Gail Howerton has led international training and
teambuilding events through jungles, inside glaciers,
behind "The Wall," atop the Alps, and across wild rivers.
She's a veteran facilitator who has been around the
block -- and the world -- more than a few times. To say
the least, she's well-qualified to talk about taking on
stress in the workplace!

The Bottom Line on Organizational Integrity
   Submitted by Scott Avelino
A recent KPMG survey found that business integrity
makes a big difference when it comes to attracting and
retaining good employees and customers. Check out the
study highlights.

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-- Tom Terez
Author of "22 Keys to Creating a Meaningful Workplace"


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