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From: Hattemer-Apostel, Rita (
Date: 07/19/00

Dear Learners,

A few months ago, I have subscribed to this list, however, I did not feel
at that time to be "qualified" and have sufficient expertise with learning
organizations to be able to substantially contribute. Thanks to the broad
range of contributions and deep reflexions, I have learnt a lot - thanks
to all!

I would like to ask you for feedback to the following scenario and
sequence of questions - basically a personal issue that I want to share
with you:

 * What would you recommend when you experience that your personal growth
rate exceeds that of the company employing you?
 * What to do if this is a pattern you experience regularly (every 2 - 3
years after a job change)?
 * What to do if you have invested as much in the company as you could
(strategically, as well as in terms of transfer of knowledge)?
 * Is changing jobs an option? If yes, where to? If not, what else?
 * Have other LO members made similar experiences?

It was a long decision process for me to post this message to the mailing
list - it is not meant to be arrogant. I have gone "pregnant" with this
observation for quite a while and your assessment is greatly appreciated.

With warm regards,

Rita <>


"Hattemer-Apostel, Rita" <>

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