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Date: 07/22/00

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At de Lange wrote:

>The time has come for organisations and communities, small (like families
>and shops) as well as large (like nations and corporations), to shift
>their paradigm from simplicity to complexity while they are still not too
>dry and the winds not yet blowing. By converting their "free energy" into
>complexity, they will not burn again, but sprout as soon as the first
>scanty rains arrive. However, those who keep on clinging to the paradigm
>of simplicity may soon burn out of control once a spark has been made. It
>takes but one ignoramus or one anarchist to make that spark.

Dear Learners,

still one of the best sustainer of creativity with respect to the shift
from simplicity to complexity is in my mind the beer game as described by
Peter Senge in his Fifth Discipline.

To play this game as an experiment is like making a fire-break. Senge
speaks of learning laboratory, experiment, practice (contrasted with
performance), safe harbour. What can be achived by this game? My be a
fire-break of 1 meter width. Is this a fire-break? No. But the game is not
about the being of a fire-break but the becoming of a fire-break. Before
anybody can effectively start to make sufficient fire-breaks, s/he need to
understand that s/he is in need of such.

Real life business world is the open sea (in contrast to a safe harbour),
it is where we have to perform (with hopefully sufficient - quantity and
quality - practice, fire-breaks sorry, wave breaks). I don't know how you
experience business world, but relations becoming drier, winds are blowing
stronger - seems quite fitting for me. And people seem to love fire.

>Have you ever pictured all the contributions on complexity in our
>LO-dialogue as making fire-breaks?

I did not picture it like this, but I recognize what I had in mind with:

>>The best and most continuous preparation is my participation in the

To repeat a notion I've already used yesterday: It requires ruthlessly
compassionate partners to prepare fire-breaks. I didn't explicitely
answered Ricks questions recently on what we expect from LO-list. But this
is it for me: A safe place to think at with wonderfully diverse ruthlessly
compassionate partners.

Liebe Gruesse,


-- (KiWiDressler)

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