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Date: 07/24/00

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>Historically and linguistically it has been ascertained
>that this group came from the south and were probably related to those
>Bushmen that occupied parts of the present-day Free State, Cape, Natal and
>Lesotho regions. Indeed they may well be descended from the ancient Bushman
>cave artists of the Drakensberg.

Dear Andrew,

One of the most impressing pieces contributed to this list by At de Lange
painted a rich picture of the lack of technological development of the San
people (SY) in changing environments (SU) and the role that creativity
plays in it for both, those in the SY and those in the SU.

Whether you have seen it or not, it seems apropriate to make the link:

Learning and Technology LO18555, 2. Juli 1998

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Liebe Gruesse,



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