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From: Winfried Dressler (
Date: 07/24/00

Replying to LO25094 --

>My answer is a little more fundamental than those posed here.

Gavin, this sentence is an interesting intervention. Of course, arrogance
does not complement personal growth. Please allow me to ride a little bit
on this edge that you offer.

Dear LOers,

Thinking about the term "fundamental", I am wondering what is more
fundamental to life. For example:

The atomic kernals which occur in organic matter (like carbon, oxygen,

or (I guess the "or" comes in from the comparative "mORe")

The processes by which RNA reads DNA on order to produce those enzymes,
which catalyse the growth processes?

We have had several contributions trying to effectively connect with
Rita's questions in order to allow some new, required enzymes to emerge
which may be beneficial in steering the next growth steps.

And we have one "little more fundamental answer", listing atomic kernals
of growth.

May be many of you were like me puzzled by At de Langes contribution on
"Systematical Patterns in Boolean Logic LO25063 [complex]". I was looking
quite a while for fitting examples to "cut the diamond faces". I think
this thread shows some interesting movements on this 16-positions web
(besides various interesting viewpoints on some fascinating real life

[Host's Note: See ..Rick]

Can you point to which one I have used, quite contrary to my usual
habbits, in my response above? And how I move?

We may also find examples of how sticking to one lattice position can lead
to what At cautioned in his reply to my "Interview of a Deep Kind" in

>However, it is always possible that what has become most
>rewarding may also become a very restrictive Mental Model
>through paradigm fixation. I observed that constructive creativity
>often dwindles into trivialities when openness does not evolve also
>with the rest of creativity.

Liebe Gruesse,


P.S.: Has arrogance ever been described in connection with learning
disabilities? In the upcoming fire I imagine that arrogance could be one
of those fire balls which can easily cross even very broad fire breaks.


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