Evaluating Training and Development LO25278

From: ANTONIA DOSIK (tdosik@earthlink.net)
Date: 09/02/00

Replying to LO25269 --

Dear all,

I have been watching this exchange of good information about evaluation of
training and development. I would like to suggest that folks might be
interested in what we do -- action evaluation -- or in using similar forms
of evaluation methodologies (participatory evaluation is one.) AE is
designed to collaboratively and internally define goals and assist
projects or organizations and monitor their progress toward successful
achievement. It is very focused on learning, through the use of the
action-reflection-action cycle. It works particularly well in evaluating
helping process type activities (like training). As you can see from the
name, it has its origins in action research (as well as conflict
resolution and participatory evaluation.)

We have a website www.aepro.org.

As I mentioned, we are not the only ones who do this kind of evaluation.
The Formative Evaluation Group in Michigan also works in this area.

Antonia Atlas Dosik
Managing Director
Action Evaluation Research Institute
1050 President Street
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387 USA

>>I am currently doing an assignment on Training and Development. Does
>>anyone have any suggestions or ideas the types of outcomes I would
>>recommend to use in evaluating on training program and which evaluation
>>design I would use? This design will be based on minimizing threats to
>>validity and practical considerations.
>>"JJ" <ehnas@hotmail.com>


"ANTONIA DOSIK" <tdosik@earthlink.net>

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