Cybernetics LO25287

Date: 09/03/00

Replying to Cybernetics LO25225

Dear Learners,

More clear words (fragments) about cybernetics --
"To help other people.." (At de Lange 2000;-)
or " -unwrapping mind from body." (Doray 1988;-)?)

15:8 The Master said, If he can be talked to and you do not talk to him,
you waste the man. If he cannot be talked to and you talk to him, you
waste your talk. The knowledgeable will not waste a man, but will also not
waste his talk. Confucian Analects

"Cybernetics (Kubernetes) can save souls and bodies, and material
possessions from the gravest dangers." Plato GOTOSTART ;-)

In ignorance of the past I sometimes think we are so busy 'selling' the
PRESENT we own that we own that we forfeit the gift it RE<>PRESENTS toward
a future we may not.

Just another silly thought,

Andrew Campbell


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