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From: Morty Lefkoe (morty@decisionmaker.com)
Date: 09/07/00

As I've explained in the past, we (The Decision MakerŪ Institute) have
developed a process that enables people to make radical changes in their
behavior and thinking by quickly and permanently eliminating the beliefs
that determine what they do and think. We also have created a technique
that completely eliminates the stimuli for such emotions as fear, anger,
and guilt. For example, anger that is caused by being told what to do.

These processes have been used with well over 1,000 one-on-one clients,
who have gotten rid of such dysfunctional patterns as chronic depression,
eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, stress, obsessive worrying
about what others think of us, and relationships that don't work.

Until recently a trained facilitator was required to assist people to use
these processes. We have just found a way to make one of the tools
available as an interactive process on our web site.

People can now get rid of many causes of fear--without a facilitator, on
our web site, FREE. Making a mistake, failing, being rejected and 38 other
things that frequently cause fear--will no longer make you afraid, after
completing the 10 minute process.

We are committed to finding ways to make the other processes we use
interactive as soon as possible so that they are available to everyone at
no cost. We intend to put up by the end of the year a process that will
get rid of phobias. It is no longer necessary to live with fear or any
other "negative" emotion.

Click on the link below and try our new interactive Decision MakerŪ
Stimulus Process. www.decisionmaker.com

Check out the rest of our site for more information about all of our
techniques and how they can be used to assist organizations to become
learning organizations.

Regards, Morty

Morty Lefkoe
For further information please visit our
web site at www.decisionmaker.com
and read my book, Re-create Your Life:
Transforming Yourself and Your World


"Morty Lefkoe" <morty@decisionmaker.com>

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