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Date: 09/12/00

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>But I am also deeply under the impression of the life of a particular
>person, one Albert Speer. Some believe he was one of the most clever liers
>ever. He was Hitler's minister for War Supplies during WWII. While some
>other Nazi leaders were planning and excuting the Holocaust, he was
>working so hard that he did not become aware of the ongoing Holocaust, or
>perhaps self-hypnotised through this very work his mind did not react in
>any way upon was his eyes saw and ears heard. At the Nuremburg trials he
>had to plead: "Now I am aware of the Holocaust, I am jointly responsible
>for it, but personally I cannot ever be found guilty of it." His plead,
>seeming honestly to some, surprise people from all sides. Why?
>He was working INSIDE the Third Reich. Not even once did he shift his mind
>to do some taxing mental work OUTSIDE the Third Reich too.

I think I've heard this mindset referred to as "business as usual" --
growth, growth, growth. Even people I associate with who identify as
"environmentalists" working for "sustainability" suffer this kind of
mindset, I think. Hip to hip and lock-step with politicians and
self-identified conservatives and libertarians here in the U.S..

Anyone in France care to comment on their experience of /_\F? Others
among you, how about http://www.dieoff.org or http://www.hubbertpeak.com?

I think At's right. If W < /_\F and S=(E-F)/T is a topic for anyone, it's
a topic for learning-org. Now. Question is, can we give it thoughtful
consideration and straight talk without being negatively stereotyped?
Probably not. Best remain silent or stick to topics about the latest 9
steps, 7 acronyms, 5 gurus, and 3 (expensive) trainings for producing and
selling more sugar-coated, jelly-filled donuts.



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