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From: Arash (
Date: 09/12/00

Hello all.

I am grateful for such a dynamic and growing community that has enriched
my mental model and values. As people I highly respect, I would very much
welcome your comments, reactions and suggestions to enhance this draft
statement on Knowledge Revolutionaries.

Please feel free to post your response here so that others can also

Much Regards,

There is a revolution going on in businesses and in our societies. This
revolution is questioning accepted beliefs and paradigms of our thinking,
our relationships, our commerce, our organizations, and our social

This revolution now needs architects and builders-- those who embody the
vision and values of the revolution in their actions; those who can
integrate vision and reality, theory and action, thought and experience.
Those who will come together to design and build yet unforseen structures
for the new organizations and social institutions.

These are the Knowledge Revolutionaries.

* They continuously remind us that it is best to operate out of community,
it is brilliant to play at work, it is genius to bring art and all of our
humanities into a project; whether you're making a movie, feeding the
hungry, or designing a new car. We, are where the answers dwell.

* They show us the bottom line is more than the money, more than job
satisfaction, more than self-fulfillment. It is a revolutionary creation:
a culmination of what we all most desire from working with each other and
with our communities - but would not dare to speak.

* They recognize the wisdom of each individual, and let themselves be
touched by it.

* They transform our communities and organizations in a way that we are,
as a whole, being much more capable than anyone of us could even imagine.
And, in this process, every one of us is touched.

* They create ecologies of knowledge where, as people exchange ideas, the
results are exponential- and the unfolding knowledge that ensues,
manifests as our world.

This is happening now.
Has it tapped you yet? Have you been touched by it? Are you yearning?
Are you ready to re-claim your soul?


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