Rabbit and Duck and Either/or LO25320

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 09/12/00

Dear Learners,

If the world was just black and white either/or (a la LEM) then fine, the
old 'figure/ground' and 'rabbit/duck' poser (poseur?) would stand up to
scrutiny, but I reckon we'd all be able to get a better image of 'reality'
and the options thereto by looking, say, at a painting by Monet (paintings
are mesages too)<>( (Peter Senge said so!) and then we might learn to find
that even with only two grounded colours red/blue we get to (two<> too;-)
see the Houses of Parliament, the Thames, the sky and the ground
altogether. Not only that but maybe some interesting insights into the
subject/object relation too. When I paint a rabbit kicking the **** out of
a duck I see.......

Best wishes,

Andrew Campbell



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