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Date: 09/15/00

Replying to LO25262 --

Again, a pregnant pause in my reply, but what a wonderful imagination you
have Winfried! All is so simple, so complex, so continuous.

Glorious early fall day,

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000 15:51:34 +0200 "Winfried Dressler"
<> writes:
> Replying to LO25248 --
> Dear Andrew,
> >what could be simpler than a white canvas?
> In dreaming for free;-) about white canvas, I feel invited into a
> Galery.
> A long floor with many rooms seem to spiral out of a central space.
> I am alone.
> I approach one of those rooms and find a big white canvas at one
> wall, otherwise the room is empty.

(BIG SNIP --- and for those of you who missed this before I highly
reccommend this Alice in the Rabbit Hole exploration)

> End of the dream, I have waken up into what I am used to call
> 'reality'.
> Simplicity and complexity - two sides of the same coin,
> both/and. But if you throw the coin, one side will be up -
> simplification or sophistication, either/or.
> Liebe Gruesse,
> Winfried

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