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From: Sajeela M ramsey (sajeelacore@juno.com)
Date: 09/16/00

Replying to LO25263 --

Barry and Co-learners,

Thank you so much for sharing your verse. Did you know Small Feather? How
did you come to write this verse?

Sometimes I throw my arms up and just write poetry because thinking hard
is head-aching. I appreciate the searching folks are doing on this
list-serve and yet it seems like so much diatribe sometimes, at which
point it loses meaning for me.

Then there's the matter of, like you, having clients that pay me for
"results". It is a reality to be confronted and all the high falooting
philosophizing in the world will not impress them very much if they don't
see some practical outcomes. Though I am certain that even as I facilitate
them in processes where they can cull their own desired results, that I am
really modeling for them new ways of thinking and structuring thoughts.

One of the best ways of doing this is to engage folks in what Buddhist
refer to as "No-Mind". I don't do this overtly with them, but more subtly,
like going into a kind of stream-of-conciousness synthesis of things when
I am giving them "diagnostic" feedback.

Poetry is a great starting point --- because its still cerebral but it
short-circuits logic and pulls at people's hearts and guts --- which is
when more visceral knowledge can be experienced by the listener, so they
can arrive at their own personal truth --- whatever that might be.
Anyway, rambling on here ----

Later gaters,
Miz S~
Sajeela Moskowitz Ramsey, President - CORE Consulting
Center for Organizational Renewal and Effectiveness
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On Thu, 31 Aug 2000 10:20:58 -0700 Barry Mallis
<theorgtrainer@earthlink.net> writes:
> But, back to language. May I share some verse of my own? Terseness,
> intuition, metaphor, connections sufficient in the moment. Take your
> pick:
> Small Feather Killed
> Drunk or simply not
> Discriminating between lines
> Of broken white
> Or faded yellow,
> Small Feather killed
> Himself, beyond
> The empty drive-in, far
> Side of town. They say
> His Chevy flew off
> Near rotten
> Tarmac behind Loretta's
> Field of maize: twilight
> Spiriting away.
> In the best spirit,
> Barry Mallis


Sajeela M ramsey <sajeelacore@juno.com>

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