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From: Gavin Ritz (
Date: 09/18/00

Dear Org learners

I have seen this issue of personal mastery a number of times on some
threads and of course it makes up a chapter in the 5th discipline. I have
something to share that is not mentioned in most places and almost
critical to those who want to walk this path. Some things are mandatory,
however we are free to choose any methodology even murder if we believe
that this is our true path. Hardly empowering for one self or the
murdered though. These points are in no particular order and they might
operate in parallel and they effect each other in a feedback manner and
are by no means exhaustive.

Understand ones own algedonic signals (tension between our fears and
hopes/needs) also our own personal dis-ease.
Understand ones personal behaviours and those of others
Use the gap between our thoughts and actions
Take action
Be 100 % responsible (responsive)
Understand our own projective (transference) capabilities and those of others
Understand and overcome one's of transference of blame and forgive those who
Understand and overcome one's transference of fear and terror and forgive those
who cannot
Feed our mind and body with empowering substances, abstract and physical
Understand the algedonic signals of all others
Be open to the great waves of the creation
Understand ones personal envy and use it in an empowering way for oneself and
Be able to understand the positions and point of others (wisdom in a nutshell)
and that of the world.

It is easy for me to sprout these variables but the how to do the above is
really the key and there lies the paradox because all these are strivings
and ideals to become something better and hence away from our fears and
hence back at the beginning our personal "algedonic signal".

How does each one of use begin with any of the above points, I believe
that, that is each persons personal worldly challenge. There is a life
time of work in any one of those points.

Some may notice I have not mentioned love but there is a very good reason
for that.

[Host's Note: Oh? Why not love? ..Rick]



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