Group Relations Conference LO25351 -Jan 2001

From: Marc Kessler (
Date: 09/18/00

The Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems,
the Boston Center of the A.K. Rice Institute, announces its
2001 Residential Conference

         "Authority and Leadership in the Global Community"
                         January 17th - 21st
                        Holyoke Massachusetts
                  Director: Faith Gablenick, Ph.D.

 The Brochure and Application form is online at:


 If you need more information please contact the
Conference Associate Director for Administration:

                         W. Mason Smith, III
              Associate Director for Administration
           c/o Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson and Abbott
              40 Broad Street ^ Boston, MA 02109
          Phone: 617-423-1700 ext 161 Fax: 617-451-2420
                    email: msmith@sbra

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