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This is a welcome message..from Arun Tripathi, List owner of this
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abbreviation of ARtificial intElligence in eDucation. The purpose of the
ARED Lists is to discuss the aspects and the use of artificial
intelligence techniques in the field of learning, technology and education
to help schools, the teachers to enhance learning.

"As the field of artificial intelligence matures, our ability to
constructs intelligent artifacts increases, as does the need for
implemented systems to experimentally validate AI research in education
and learning."

I would like to invite all of you to indulge some kind of useful
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Intelligent Tutoring Systems combine Artificial Intelligence(AI)
techniques and computer-based tutoring systems. In today's state of the
art ITSs (Bos & Plassche, 1994: Corbet & Anderson, 1992), information
about a particular student, namely student models, already plays a
significant role in the systems's understanding of a particular student's
progress and problems.

How ITSs are going to effect the student's progress and his problems?

The list is also open for useful and intelligent discussions related to
the field of Instructional Technology.

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