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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@gold.up.ac.za)
Date: 09/24/00

Replying to LO25349 --

Dear Organlearners,

Roy Benford <roy@benford.demon.co.uk> writes: upon Stan's writing:

>>I see S=(E-F)/T. Do you?
>I don't understand the formula.
>Is it the same as 'Group Think'?

Greetings Roy,

This formula enables us to connect "entropy S" with "total energy E" and
"free energy F".

The formula can be written in many ways, for example
. F = E - TS
It says, take from the "total energy E" away some "thing strange TS"
and the result is the "free energy F", that with which you can change
the future. That some "thing strange TS" has to do with the
"organisation of the present". The minus sign means that this
"organisation of the present" is involved in a "creative collapse".

Incidently, the past cannot be changed, except by fabrications, and the
present changes too swift to change it too. So all which remains to be
changed, is the future.

I will not explain the formula above in my forthcoming "cyber movie"
. Work and Free Energy -- The Dance of LEP on LEC
I will merely use it to derive from the Law of Energy Conservation (LEC)
and the Law of Entropy Production (LEP) the following rather strange
looking formula
. /_\F < W
The rest of this "cyber movie" will then be exploring what this last
formula can tell us. Perhaps the way in which this "cyber movie"
develops will indicate the importance of the formula S=(E-F)/T.

I have finished this "cyber movie" and will email it soon. It comes in
three parts because of technological reasons. Please patch them up again
in one moving piece to benefit fully from it. I do hope all you fellow
learners will enjoy this "cyber movie". This "cyber movie" is definitely
not for those who shy away from complexity.

With care and best wishes


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