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Date: 09/24/00

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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < > writes:

>" His senses are sentinels of immediate thought and
> outposts of action, and not, as they so often are with
> us, mere pathways along which material is gathered
> to be stored away for a delayed and remote possibility."
> John Dewy

Greetings Andrew,

What a fantastic connection between sentinel and sense.

>This new 'desert' is going to be mightily cramped one.
>Forever bumping and jostling. I see lots of 'trespassing' At!

No. This desert is very, very, very huge! It is not a physical desert, but
a "spiritual desert" which can be explored only by authentic learning.

>I did not, before studying the connected work of Arandt and
>St Augustine, have any inkling of the beautiful connections to be
>made with a topics like the one that Stan, At and no doubt many
>here are concerned to wrestle with.

Wow. Since the universe is one, should we become aware how its parts are
connected, it means that we are getting healed in what was broken in the

>The verse which I quote in the standard translation could also
>be rendered as follows: "And if he trespass against thee ... and
>... turn again to thee, saying, I changed my mind; thou shall
>release him."
>"This mental preparedness must be acquired in advance. "
>At de Lange
>And At, I feel I now know the meaning of the 'dream' in a greater
>part; the reason WHY the footprints of my guides seemed to be
>pointing backwards as the future is streaming over me both from
>and into the past.

Yes, this is what healling is, eventually resulting in

> - - And knowledge such as men possess it in this life, shall
>vanish. Only "love never fails." (1 Cor.13)

Andrew, you ask:

>At, do you think this little child calling "Mummy, be with me
>now." might sound something like another desert wanderer
>calling, "Follow me." As he wanders to the greatest 'creative
>collapse' of all?

Yes. In the desert one cannot dare stop caring for oneself. One careless
deed and one plunges oneself into mortal danger. To save oneself, one has
to leave things behind, to make a "creative collapse" in one's decision.

A teacher from Nazareth, who once spent fourty days alone in the desert,
said: "love others as you love yourself". The implication to creative
collapses, I think, is not too opaque.

With care and best wishes


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