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Date: 10/04/00

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I found this thread interesting and understood most contributors' mental
models( it is understandable for personal mastery purpose, for example,
while Dr. P. Senge was in this region several years ago, his friend took
him to meet one Master, Mr.Nan in HK. But there are many other dimensions
of leadership...) and market forces.

I hope someone might like to read the books about some famous Japanese
companies and their leaders. Most are available in English. ( although I
gave a criticism on the book Matsushita Leadership some months ago in some
Deming related Network, I think it is worthwhile for beginners to read.)
For Hong Kong or Greater China or oversea Chinese/ Indian business
leaders, some limited interviews and books in HBR etc( It is a pity due to
language gap here. For example, several years ago I took one regional
business director of Du Pont to one local company here, he was shocked for
the practices of enviromentalism( please remember we came from Du Pont).
There are so many good leadership stories here, not to mention a Taiwanese
company UMC turnarounded one Japanese semiconductor company recently...).

It is a pity that the English books like Leading Minds or Leading Change
for non-westerners are not yet wrritten.This might be an opportunity for
some members here.

I like to know my friends' most admired persons and learned from them.For
example, the serveral ones in Herbert A. Simon's Models of My Life.For me,
Dr. Hu-Shih(1891-1962) is one of my models of leadership.

Hanching Chung


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