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From: Roy Benford (roy@benford.demon.co.uk)
Date: 10/05/00

Replying to LO25380 --


I am somewhat puzzled by the reduction of human interactions to
mathematical formulae. I came across the following quotation in an
article in the May 2000 edition of 'Group' that seems to sum up this
approach to the world.

. 'As the mathematician and astronomer Sir James Jeans
. said, in summing up the Enlightenment vision of the universe
. as a divine clockwork inspired by a grand design, "God is a
. mathematician" (was Jeans somewhat narcissistic in this
. respect?)'

I appreciate that the mathematics of complexity, relativity, etc have
replaced Newtonian mechanics but the Weltanschauung seems to be the same!

Roy Benford
Fulmer, UK


"Roy Benford" <roy@benford.demon.co.uk>

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