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Date: 10/12/00

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Hi All

Why would you want to? Do you have a volunteer? What motivated them to
volunteer? What have we done to damage that and make us feel a need to
re-motivate them? I can see that there is milage in working with
volunteers, to build on the intrinsic motivation - suppying resource etc
to allow them to flourish but motivate is not a verb! You cannot do it to
someone. If you need to motivate paid staff you have problems, if you
need to motivate volunteers you really have blown it. I would have
thought that there was more power to be had from identifying what
organisations do to destroy the wonderful resource of motivated volunteers
and stop doing it rather than loooking for the sticky plaster of
'motivation'. Extrinsic motivation has no place in a LO by definition.

>Currently I'm doing a study on Motivation especially on "How to Motivate
>Volunteers" based on the Reinforcement Theory, how can we implement the
>learning theories towards the volunteers and lastly how can we use
>modelling to train them to work effectively. Therefore, I would really
>appreciate if anyone could provide me some guidelines or any website where
>I can gather some information on the above.
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