Mental Models, Constraints and Essentialities LO25436

From: Swan, Steve R. SETA CONTR (
Date: 10/12/00

Replying to LO25418 --

All of this, specifically the conclusion: "Let us face it. We are not born
with complete understanding of the seven essentialities. We have to grow
in the understanding of each by way of experiences which will then emerge
into tacit knowledge. We have to act upon incomplete understanding of
them. Should we regard the incomplete understanding of them as of little
importance, we will be bound to develop Mental Models which Constrains our
thinking and doing. But should we begin to transform our organisations by
way of an emergence into LOs, we will have a brighter future." Tells me
one thing:

Be aware, you (U) are who you were, when (W2) thus your blind spots
(BS) influence your understanding (We) and actions (A).

    U= We + A / W2(BS).


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