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From: Douglas M. Max (
Date: 10/12/00

[Host's Note: This msg is about the demise of an important and respected
internet mailing list, TRDEV-L, and it's replacement on
Just to be clear, nothing is changing about this facility, learning-org.

Dear Colleague,

Some of you may know that TRDEV-L, hosted by David Passmore at Penn State
for 12 years, has just left the air. If you know this, then you're
undoubtedly disturbed by it.

I've just established trdev at egroups to serve as a replacement...similar
to what we did for HRNET from Cornell.

So, if you're interested in issues T & D-related, please join us, get the
word out (which we can't do through TRDEV-L since it's no longer in

For now, it's unmoderated. Pray with me that this works!



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