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Date: 10/12/00

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My love,
Are you struggling through hard times?
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On Tue, 10 Oct 2000 03:16:44 EDT ACampnona@aol.com writes:
> Murdering the Innocents, (Hard Times, Charles Dickens)
> 'Bitzer,' said Thomas Gradgrind. 'Your definition of a horse.'
> 'Quadruped.
> Graminivorous. Forty teeth, namely twenty-four grinders, four
> eye-teeth,
> and twelve incisive. Sheds coat in the spring; in marshy countries,
> sheds
> hoofs, too. Hoofs hard, but requiring to be shod with iron. Age
> known by
> marks in mouth.' Thus (and much more) Bitzer.

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