Time... In the Online World LO25465

From: Art Kleiner (art@well.com)
Date: 10/15/00

Replying to LO24458 --

I can offer one comment -- about "What happened to Art Kleiner."

I got overwhelmed. Not with this list, but with the proliferation of
online discourse everywhere.

I receive all LO messages. They are filtered into a mailbox on my email
program, and periodically I go through them to see what's there. The same
thing happens to a few other lists.

This means by the time I look at something, it's deeply stale.

I've been computer-confrerencing, in one form or another, since 1979, and
I learned almost at the beginning that a computer conference is a
community. It requires ingrained engagement. Without that, one can only

My problem is that I don't have time for even one online engagement. It's
not that I don't have TIME, exactly -- to be more precise, I am not
willing to make a commitment to any particular community, and I haven't
found the one that would fit the multiple interests that I have. (This is
one of the ones I pay more attention to than others.)

I don't think there's any "solution" to this problem. I think it's a
feature of the technology formats, like the need to sit through
commercials when you watch TV. (I don't have broadcast or cable TV in my
house either.)

I don't even think 'agents" will make it work.

Anyway, I apologize, but drifting in and out of conversations is probably
the best that people like me -- and I suspect that includes many other
people -- can do.

Yours, ArtK

   -- Art Kleiner, art@well.com, http://www.well.com/user/art

[Host's Note: Thanks for the note. For any who may not know, Art is author
of _The Age of Heretics_, co-author of the several Fieldbook publications,
and a good friend. ..Rick]


Art Kleiner <art@well.com>

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