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From: Mauricio Cardenas (
Date: 10/16/00

Dear Colleagues of the learning-org list:

This is an invitation to attend a two-day introductory Learning Coach
workshop on Nov 17-18 2000 in Miami, Florida run by LIM, Leadership in
International Management. The purpose of the workshop is to give you the
chance to assess your interest in becoming a LIM Learning Coach, and give
us both the chance to determine if there is a 'fit' with our organization
and its work.

LIM is a US-based consulting firm with over 130 Learning Coaches
worldwide, covering Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina,
Holland, Sweden, Denmark, France, and Asia Pacific. We are engaged in
leadership and team development activities in national and international
assignments using Action Reflection Learning.

We are looking for people with:
 - knowledge/experience in group dynamics, group process, and skills in
handling teams
 - knowledge and/or experience in hr, psychology
 - experience in working as an internal consultant in OD, HR, and
Leadership/ Executive Development
 - international experience
 - fluency in other languages is a plus
 - a "white belt" mindset--an openness to learn and to unlearn
 - self awareness--a willingness to examine and review your behaviors, to
seek and accept feedback, to accept responsibility for what happens to you
in life
 - initiative, an entrepreneurial mind-set and selling skills. Not every
Learning Coach has to be a sales person, but it helps to have this profile
in the team
 - a research background or interests
 - good contacts and networks

Another point to consider is your willingness to work through LIM using
the ARL approach in those areas, and with those services that LIM
currently uses and will develop in future. You will, of course, be free to
work in areas that do not compete with LIM's services, but it is expected
that you will not work deliver services that compete with LIM's services.

If you are interested , read more about LIM and the ARL methodology on our
website If you think this may fit your profile and
interests, send an email to enclosing your bio or call 1
305 692 2098 before Oct 24, 2000

We are a different organization. Come and get to know ARL.

Warm regards

Isabel Rimanoczy

LIM Leadership in International Management
21205 Yacht Club Drive # 708
Aventura, FL 33180
Ph (1) 305 692 2098
Fax (1) 305 692 1931
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