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From: Vana Prewitt (Vana@PraxisLearning.com)
Date: 10/17/00

Replying to LO25437 --

Thanks to all for the suggestions on research ideas. Nothing was posted
to me offline in the way of specific research questions, so you've seen
everything I've seen.

Both Doc and Harriet Robles said we need to study feedback loops that work
in LOs. I love the suggestion. Thanks loads. I'm horrified that this
doesn't exist already. This is the type of visceral reaction I was
looking for. It tells me that this is a truly viable and worthy research
question. I also think it's researchable. Harriet & Doc: I'd love to
get any relevant current references from you that could contribute to the
lit review.

Bill Braun suggested the study of mental model leverage. This is probably
a question that is further down the road from where I think we are. It
would be a wonderful contribution to the LO community.

John Zavacki transferred some questions from the book, _Car Launch_.

> - How do we transfer personal or small group mastery to the larger group?
> - How do you tell the highest level executives that they are on the top
> rung of the ladder of inference and viewing a landscape that no one else
> can see?

while these questions are important to LO research, they seem less at the
heart of the current knowledge needs than exploring successful feedback
processes. We have some models that are currently in place (e.g.:
communities of practice) but we don't know how useful they are. I see the
second question as a leadership development issue with LO impact. Both
questions also have a larger organization development agenda than I'm
wanting to bite off just now. Maybe in my second PhD. :-)

kind regards,

Vana Prewitt


Vana Prewitt <Vana@PraxisLearning.com>

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