Flying White in Black, I Look For. LO25510

Date: 10/22/00

Fragment 4

Take a loaded brush of black ink, some nice paper -maybe 'rice paper' nice
paper. Now, apply your signature at speed in one charge of the
a(S)pace time goes by you will have what is called 'flying white', look,

"Flying white" in black, I look for -here.

Close in you may think you see a swan, white in black in white, frozen.

"Le vierge, le vivace et le bel aujourd'hui...." Mallarme

- where the swan is -- like the man -- in the frozen lake of his white
page, uncertain as to the possibility of freedom. (Mary Ann Caws)

" artistic medium is the only thing in human existence that has
precisely the same range of sense(d) and feeling as people themselves do.
Now, if a creative person is a person with an extraordinary capacity for
love, who for whatever reason -- say because of his early experience with
his mother --as an example -- cannot direct his love toward another person
in full strength, but nonetheless must love -- he therefore directs his
love toward the other thing in human existence as rich, sensitive, supple
and complicated (complex) as human beings themselves....the artists medium
is his conscience and his collaborator." Robert Motherwell. Artist and
philosopher, 1963.

You do not see 'flying white', take dawn walks.

Create Open for Dappled things (Hopkins)


Andrew Campbell


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