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From: Gavin Ritz (garritz@xtra.co.nz)
Date: 10/23/00

Replying to LO25500 --

Hi Winfried

Winfried Dressler wrote:

> >How about this- there is absolutely no meaning in life at all.
> This expresses to me what I have just learned: There is no knowledge in
> information. This is why I also doubt that by reading the same books
> (information) one would get the same frame of reference (knowledge).

Probably, but I am saying that even the knowledge is meaningless just what
we want to put meaning to gives it life, meaning and purpose.

There is also a possibility of a hierarchy of meaning and purpose
producing the car-( material meaning, technical meaning)
has transportation needs ( economic meaning and financial meaning,
informational meaning)
Prestige needs (psychological meaning)
Harmony, perfection, luxury and style needs (psychological meaning)
Power process ( aggregated psychological meaning)
beyond this absolutely no meaning or purpose at all.

> >Just the
> >meaning we give it through our rituals , religions, ideals, hopes,
> >aspirations, wishes, longings, desires, expectations.
> Yes, the place where knowledge resides. I value such meaning quite highly,
> your 'just' tells me that you value it quite little, right?

Whatever you value is fine (the question is where does knowledge reside?)
If we value something then we are attached to it (even knowledge and for
what purpose). We are also attached to the outcomes that give our value
meaning because we value that so much. It just goes around in never ending
circles. If you stop attaching value to that which gives you meaning it is
no longer meaningful and hence there is not purpose or desire to attach to
that. There is no more longing or ambition or expectation. Therefore no
meaning or purpose.

This leads to our existence being a cosmological joke.

> In another context you recently wrote something like: "It is not
> interesting, it is happening right under your nose." I wonder why what is
> happening under my nose should not be interesting. I personally can think
> of nothing more interesting than what is happening right under my nose,
> although it can be quite confusing indeed.

Do you want to know how to wage psychological warfare on a conscious
level? That way no one will ever be able to wage one against you. All
round knowledge flattens the playing field. That would be one the purposes
of me sharing that with this list and you.



Gavin Ritz <garritz@xtra.co.nz>

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