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From: Leo Minnigh (
Date: 10/23/00

Replying to LO25497 --

Dear LO'ers, dear At,

I wish Jessica could stay for a wile in our farm house in the east of the
Netherlands. She could see all aspects of the beginning of milk at the
farm of our kind neighbour. She could see the cows during the day in the
grassland (one of the last days of this year, soon the cows will be for
the whole winter in the cowshed), at the end of the day they will be
invited into the shed, where the milking starts. The cows stay at night
there, are milked in the morning again, and then they go to the meadows.

Last weekend, Jessica could have seen the birth of two beautiful calfs,
she could have tasted the beest (in Dutch: biest = the first heavy milk
after the birth), she could see the modern way of milking with machines,
but could have done a try to do it with her hands, she could have seen how
the milk is directly pumped into a sterile cooling tank. And each two days
this tank is emptied in a tank truck that brings the milk to the
cooparation where consumption milk and all kinds of other products are
made. We could have made a visit to this plant too. She even could have
seen the artificial insimination of a cow.

The whole cicle in one weekend.

dr. Leo D. Minnigh
Library Technical University Delft
PO BOX 98, 2600 MG Delft, The Netherlands
Tel.: 31 15 2782226
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