Experiences to Knowledge and Experiments to Science LO25521

From: Pixie Delite (pixie_delite@hotmail.com)
Date: 10/23/00

Replying to LO25489 --

Experiences to Knowledge and Experiments to Science LO25489

JOY: A class in systems thinking and all things good - Just commenting on
things said by Mr. Lange.
(Fist of Fury Part 2 will follow back I am sure *evil twinkle in me eyes*)

Dear Organlearners,

Greetings to you all.

JOY: I like that..organlearners heehehehe... sounds like a play on
organdonors. Funny. I like it.

"What a world we have in Internet! In this cyberworld we can commute with
each other to love and to encourage. But someone can also mail-bomb a
person to force a break in the Internet connection. In this cyberspace we
can help each other to evolve in knowledge. But someone can also judge the
experiences of a person to be irrelevant and worthless."

JOY: I agree! But I must say apart from the end note of "care and wishes"
usually I don't see much love lost between you and the people you reply
Evolution of knowledge - ah the sweet transition from the cocoon - and who
better than you who on several occasions has clearly stated the case of
SUPREME WISDOM DE LANGE leading the rest and helping them learn and grow.
I am sure most would agree (either openly or silently in fear of
recognition) who better would know about judging others experiences as
irrelevant than you.:)

With all I said I am not trying to be feisty or nothing. Just highlighting
an old saying common amongst 'us' - the ever so large in your face gap
between espoused theory and theory in practice!

"Can some experiences of any person be irrelevant or wrong?"

JOY: To the person themselves nothing can be ever irrelevant or wrong. But
for another on their own journey of learning, there are many lessons that
can be irrelevant at that point when you reveal those to them. A person
has freedom of choice even in thought (yes this may come as a foreign
concept to you) and hence is free to chose what they consider relevant or
wrong from another's database of experiences.

"Before we look at possible answers to this question, let us compare
experiences with "scientific experiments". As I understand it, they
Correspond in the sense that all scientific experiments are concerned with
experiences. But they differ in the sense that scientific experiments are
carefully organised experiences focusing on a particular issue. Both
experiences and scientific experiments lead to knowledge. In the case of
experiments that knowledge is called "scientific knowledge", or "science"
for short.........."

JOY: Read my string on " Experimental Thought: Thoughtful Experiments" (if
Richard thinks its worth being put that is he he.

"Over the years I have deliberately made various kinds of "cyberspace
experiments". It consists of presenting information in such a way
that a certain person experiencing its presentation is tempted to
respond by creating information self. I usually conduct these
"cyberspace experiments" to probe whether that person is learning
authentically. I examine the information created by that person to
fathom that person's learning. My greatest problems are to avoid
* limiting my own experiences,
* interpreting the information from it distortedly,
* becoming judgmental in my examination,
* forcing the person into a non-spontaneous behaviour,
* demoting the spirit of authentic learning,
* debasing the authority of love for banal gains."

JOY: hmmmmm makes me wonder if you're not playing GodFather again with all
"Hello my name is joy and I have been experimenting on you all ever since
you all joined this list. There is a little red beam that is emitted while
you are reading a letter from this CYBER CHAIN which penetrates and renders
your brain cells dead. Then I muse myself by sending a blue gamma raise and
seeing how it hurts you and makes you change your thoughts to violent
dialogues against me and others. It is a kind of pleasure I get from all
this *evil grin*.
In all this I am careful to avoid sending myself mail that might have the
red and blue beam being emitted and that people aren't actually pretending
to be effected by the beams and are all sitting in the same room laughing
their head off at me like young boys do when they pose to be excited with
the opportunity of cybersex thrills with some poor female thinking she's
fooling a guy across the wires.
I am a very spiritual person always making sure my beams don't reach that
deep to destroy spirituality but if they do by any chance and most
unfortunate circumstance, then I ensure I can fabricate a lovey-dovey sense
of higher being in the form of an electronic communication to neutralize all
suspicions on me and gain confidence from the few that did like me through
it all.

I love you all! *at this point beginning to sing.....* *we are the

"Should I warn in advance that I am conducting a "cyberspace experiment"
like it is the case for a "scientific experiment"? As I understand it now,
I do not think so. I have learned as a scientist that the organisation of
the experiences in the scientific experiment has to be controlled

JOY: Ah there's that fabrication I was referring to earlier...."remember I
am experimenting right now too....." so that if anyone wants to woop my
butt I can use the 1stE (1st electronic) Amendment to save my....you know

"But what strikes me profoundly about "cyberspace experiments" is that
the experiences of other persons surfing the Internet cannot be controlled
despite the attempts of many to do so. There is a new degree of freedom in
Internet with profound implications"

JOY: ......and then that online boyfriend I had dumped me. it broke my
heart. I didnt eat for months and sleep neither.
......and then a year later my boyfriend in real life dumped me. it broke my
heart. i didnt eat for months and sleep neither.

damn these men! (notice i didnt say "damn real time experience which can
be controlled by that damn man!")

New degree of freedom - is that like a new movement like the one Bendon
started with them strapless bras to go with off shoulder evening

"With care and best wishes"

JOY: awwww. theres that sense of love and encouragement again! i can feel
the love in this cyberworld i telll ya!

END NOTE: i can see how we are different Lange..and your experiment is
successful. I reacted to your mail just like you wanted...so that you can
prove and say "tut tut. poor underdeveloped intellectual minds....they
react without seeing the deeper hidden truth. ah! isnt it amusing to be so
high on my throne and muze myself with these.....these...oh whatever they
call themselves..sigh". Yep you are right.

i am just learning and not worthy. but i do know that i dont need to
disguise my pills when i feed them. I am just patient for a while and then
speak out with proper comebacks.

Naive stupid and lower in the intellectual chain is your verdict perhaps?

well i wasnt kiddin about them red and blue rays either ;)

Joy H. vatsyayann
Bsc Phys.(Hons), BSc Biology (Genetics Major),
PGDip. Management Systems,
Masters in Management Systems (current)
Waikato Unveristy
New Zealand


"Pixie Delite" <pixie_delite@hotmail.com>

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