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From: Pixie Delite (
Date: 10/25/00

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The day the dependency to have answers for ones own lives be found in
anothers words in a prescription will be broken, the very day systems
thinking would have its triumph. And this means no disrespect to doctors
who need to prescribe their pills ;)

Knowledge sharing and interchange is one thing, and asking someone else
how to eat the cake in your hand (or even mouth) is another! Surely our
education systems cannot have reduced us to this present state where
solving a problem has become a 'here kit-ty kit-ty kit-ty' (pardon the
pun) issue! We all know too well what happened to the little kitty dont case we dont - 'curiosity killed a little somethin somethin'
might refresh the required brain cells :)

Sure consultants (like me hopefully one day as i am unemployed at the mo -
no one wants me :( ) make a living on these little puppies(cats?) but
really - who are we kidding! OK dont answer that..he he..

get right onto the point at hand. hmmm what was the discussion on - oh yes
about problem solving kits......

i think the best kit is one that is born from the situation itself. What
can be the best way to develop a tool kit that fits your paw than one you
scratched and worked at yourself.

I cannot say how my whole thesis is about this. yep. coming up
with a tool kit that is like a self serve kitchen. The best analogy my
supervisory used to describe what i wanted to achieve - "ah! joy so you
want a kitchen where people can bring their own ingredients and you only
provide the kitchen and equipment and they cook themselves. And if they
dont know how to, they learn for as long as they want to in the kitchen
without being taught. Just guided."

Yep. A true learning tool kit. With only the environment provided where
open learning can take place. True learning from self is better than any
that is learnt or forced upon by an expert with endless credentials.

Joy Vatsyayann
BSc Physics Hons. (III), BSc Biology (Genetics Major),
PGDip. in Management Systems,
Masters in Management Systems (current)
Waikato University
New Zealand


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