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Date: 10/25/00

Replying to LO25348 --

I just wanted to add a few pointers that you may have already considered
in your research.

When thinking of motivating Volunteers, one must take into consideration
some or all of the following.

Firstly, they are volunteers - means they must have opted to be where they
are of their own accord and mean to gain nothing but learning and may be
most likely genuinely interested in the project. This means you can treat
them as humans and not employees ;) - means it has to be an equal give and
take. I hate when people act as volunteers for some manager who wanted to
save a buck and get work done that satsified or furthered his/her cause
above all else.

If they volunteered so must you as the leader to be there for them. Are
you? Or are you lacking motivation to do so because its long hours of work
and headbanging with people who may not put their full into this because
they are not being paid for it?

Are you motivated enough? If yes, then good. If not - then before you can
motivate others, you have to figure out what you are going to do to not be

I think the best in this case would be to openly spend time speaking about
reasons and how motivation can be built within the group. It is a common
issue and you dont have to be ashamed of it. its human to be not motivated
to do work that you might even like.

Communication and a true caring heart can go further in motivation than
most give it credit for. And a little time can do wonders.

Secondly, how are you going to sustain this old or new found motivation
throughout the whole project or whatever you have to do. how are you going
to do this for yourself and for others?

Its important to note that it is ok to hault and stop to sit and catch
your wits about you with all around you - collapse on the floor and brave
yet to admit you are out of motivation before all others in the room.

I'll give you a little story there. There was my friend - frustrated, beat
and feeling low. Totally out of motivation to go on. But she would not say
so because she saw me going strong and tackling school and everything
totally cooly and well. She seemed happy but was in pain within. Then one
day - i took her hand and went for a walk with her. I burst into tears and
let it all out - and told her how i could not take it anymore. I was
toally demotivated to do anything and just want to die. I wanted to kill
myself. She could not believe it! She turned to me and slapped me and said
- how dare you give up! if you give up we all dont have a chance. we will
make it through it all joy and i will be there for you. lifes not that
bad. I turned to her and said - did you hear what you said?

She found motivation in knowing she is not alone to feel like alls against
her and shes down. She saw someone higher than her give in and it
motivated her to go on and pull me through too. Humans find strength in a
lot of different ways. We just have to sometimes at the right times let
another see a glimpse of our vulnerable points to connect.

Hope that makes sense. I usually dont.

AND LASTLY (for now), at the end of the whole project what are going to
give them to take away from the whole experience that will keep them
motivated to volunteer again?????????

A job well done sure will - but more importantly a friend in you. I know i
sound all eutopian but its possible. I have examples from my life that say
its possible. Just takes a big man(woman) to take the first step. Even as
big as the manager or leader.

Joy Vatsyayann
BSc Physics Hons. (III), BSc Biology (Genetics Major),
PGDip. in Management Systems,
Masters in Management Systems (current)
Waikato University
New Zealand


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