Leonardo's Miracles Fragment 5 LO25532

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 10/24/00

Master Leonardo, please tell me about the relation of mathematics to learning.
"Certainly, no human investigation can be called true science without going
through mathematical tests...the sciences which begin and end with the mind
cannot be considered to contain truth, because such discourses lack
experiences, without which nothing reveals itself with certainty."
But Master Leonardo, you are hardly a man of letters;-) I see no Ph.D.
Yes, I know that since I am not a man of letters, certain presumptuous
persons will feel justified in censuring me, alleging that I am ignorant of
writing, -fools! As Marius said to the Roman nobles, " They who adorn
themselves with the labours of others will not concede me my own."
They do not know that my subjects require for their expression not the words
of others but experience, the mistress of all who write well and I will not
cease to state it. (Atlanticus 119v-a)
Well, let me ask you two things, one very simple thing about colours in the
surrounding air that we call sky and another is about mathematics' relation
to miracles.
My question concerning colour and air and sky is, why is a clear sky blue?
The clarity is derived from water suspended into imperceptible drops which
take the sunlight from the opposite direction, thereby rendering the air
clear; and the blue appears in the air caused by the shadows concealed in it.
(Leicester 20r)
And my question concerning mathematics is, why should people people delight
in that which removes the possibility and comfort of miracles?
There is another form of miracle, those which the mathematical sciences give
by reason of rational explanation. This miracle too gives rise to amazement,
but one produced by the discovery of the reason infused into things - that is
by the very dissolution of the mystery called a 'miracle' that enshrouds them.
Thank you. That is I find a very beautiful answer;-)
I have often felt an action within everything that I call "Necessity" and it
is the one thing I am unable to pursue with my body and mind and my
instruments. I see it like the restraint, a rein if you will, of a holding
of all the cosmic energies. This I sense as the rhythms and formalities of
operations. This to me is like a metaphysical residue that I feel constrained
from investigating. Before it I feel satisfied with the sheer spectacle, the
vision as you might express it. It is as if it were preserved from
intellectual investigations. I feel it sometimes as behaviours of energy, an
invisible but mighty protagonist. Eternal and unchangeable its discourses to
mankind are always through descriptive effects and is understood as the
description of its effects.
Well, perhaps there is a word for that 'miracle' too.




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