LOs and equality LO25555

From: Peggy Stuart (pstuart@ctt.bc.ca)
Date: 10/30/00

Hi all:

I am researching what my organization has to do to become a learning
organization and have just realized I have been working under an

I am assuming that to effectively create and sustain the base for a
learning organization, rank and status would have to go out the window. A
secretary (excuse the term) stands as equal a chance of obtaining support
for her or his learning as an executive, no matter what form or level this
learning took.

If this is true, then there would have to be steps taken to ensure that
both the non-physical and physical environments (policies, office layout,
etc.) sends the message that all employees are "worth" the same.

Right? Wrong? Or somewhere in between ....

Thanks! :-)



Peggy Stuart <pstuart@ctt.bc.ca>

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