Mental Models, Constraints and Essentialities LO25565

Date: 11/01/00

Replying to LO25473 --

Don't know you but found your message on my associates E-Mail. He is in
Russia on assignment and I'm clearing off the junk. Your formula for blind
spots could be really expanede to also include what you don't know, your
biases or prejudices, your education, social and political orientation

    I've always wondered why people stick to their basic beliefs like
religion, politics etc despite obvious facts and evidence that might make
them question their beliefs. Doesn't make any difference how smart,
wealthy or read you are you can escape one box only to wind up in another.

    I can't believe that the country still tries to fit all of us into two
political parties when obviously 5 or 6 would be a stretch. Is this for

Joe Hempen


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